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Yet another newsletter?

Recently, we have started publishing regular newsletter which we named Technology Leaders Digest.

Some time ago, I have started an internal mailing list with a couple of subscribers. The purpose was to summarize and share the most interesting and relevant content around technology strategy, technical team building and the ways of working.

This internal list slowly grew over the time and has reached over 300 technology leaders. Recently, after few recommendations I made this newsletter public.

There are plenty of online resources related to technology strategy, product development and the ways of working for technology teams. Overwhelming amount.

Based on the feedback and growing number of subscribers this newsletter is useful for the subscribers and I’ll continue to find time and compile it going forward.

Sharing the knowledge should make us better technology leaders and strategists.


Majority of our newsletter subscribers are lead developers, engineering managers, architects and CTO’s.

Feel free to subscribe and forward to your colleagues and friends who might be interested.

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