Cloud Architecture and Integrations

We provide Cloud Architecture and Data Integration services

At Popularowl we are specializing in Integration Architecture, API design, API security and Cloud Solutions for businesses. Below are the services we offer to our clients.

Integration Architecture Services

API Solution Architecture Services
  • Modern businesses are powered by multiple technology systems - we help you plan, design and implement secure cloud integrations between external and internal business platforms.
  • We provide API Architecture services - API Design, API Security planning, reliable API implementations on AWS and Azure platforms.
  • We provide independent integration technology vendor reviews and evaluation for meeting your business needs.
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Cloud Solution Architecture Services

API Security Auditing
  • We have extensive experience implementing solutions on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP (Google Cloud) platforms.
  • We help clients plan, desing and setup their technology on the cloud platforms.
  • Best practices: software development lifecycle, automation, telemetry and security.
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Integration and API design training & workshops

API Design and security workshops
  • We provide practical, hands-on, API design and implementation training for your teams.
  • Including best API delivery lifecycle practices: TDD, BDD, OpenAPI, Continuous Integration and monitoring.
  • How to build secure and scalable APIs with Google Apigee API gateway workshop.
  • How to build secure and scalable APIs on AWS workshop.
  • How to build secure and scalable edge APIs on CloudFlare workshop.
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