API gateway evaluation checklist

API gateway checklist

Evaluation checklist

In the post which API gateway to choose, we list the industry most adopted API management products. Each product has a review summary and a detailed evaluation report.

In order to do the evaluation summary, I have created a checklist with a set of questions to cover the product and technical sides.

Which API Gateway to choose?

which api gateway to choose?


In the previous posts on this blog we discussed what role API gateways play within the technology landscape.

Growing adoption of API platforms and API first technology patterns has introduced multiple API management products to the enterprise software market.

Multiple vendors have produced great amount of specific documentation and overviews, but in most cases, only related to their own enterprise software offering.

The goal of this page is to maintain the list of available API Management software products.

We want to provide the initial guidance to technology leaders and architects who are evaluating API gateway products suitable for their organisations.

Blogroll for technology leaders #1

blogroll for technology leaders

Blogroll posts like this are here to combine the best content from several our newsletters and make it available for web readers of the blog. Enjoy!

What is API first design?

what is api first design

APIs and API First design

In this post I want to discuss what API first platform design means and why so many organisations are adopting this approach for their technology stack.

Yes, this post is about the value APIs bring and the cost organization has to pay for it.

First, lets take a look at history and why APIs became critical part of technology platforms.

How to build CucumberJS projects with JenkinsCI

cucumberjs electron and jenkinsci

Web application monitoring with JenkinsCI

In the previous tutorial part, we have created the CucumberJS and ElectronJS project for monitoring the health of live web application projects.

In this part of the tutorial, we are going to automate the web application monitoring with the help of JenkinsCI continuous integration server. JenkinsCI will also generate us reports which can be accessed by non-technical project stakeholders.

Setting up web app monitoring with JenkinsCI and CucumberJS


electronjs and cucumberjs for effective web application monitoring

Why web apps need monitoring?

Once we get our web application projects up and running live, we have to constantly keep an eye on them. Such an activity works best as a scheduled and automated task.

In most cases we want to inspect the uptime of the web application as well as validate that all the important functionality is working as expected.

In this tutorial, we are going to setup such web app functionality monitoring with the help of JenkinsCI – continuous integration server and CucumberJS – a popular behaviour driven development framework.

Prepare to automatically monitor web apps

This tutorial has 2 parts. In the first one, we will cover the setup of test cases for manually testing live web apps in the headless web browser.