Jenkins plugins and plugin management

jenkins plugins and plugin management

In the previous tutorial part, we have covered examples of how to automate Jenkins CI setup and configuration. This tutorial part is about Jenkins plugins and plugin management.

What is Jenkins plugin?

One of the main strengths of Jenkins continuous integration server is its extensibility via plugins.

Jenkins defines the set of interfaces which can be implemented and extended by custom code created by community of developers.

Which means that developer community can create core functionality extensions to suit their own needs.

Automating Jenkins install and configuration with Docker and Terraform

automating jenkins install and configuration terraform docker

This is part of Jenkins tutorial on Popularowl. We did manual install, configuration and production readiness for Jenkins in the previous tutorial.

This part is about automating the provisioning with infrastructure as a code mindset.

By the end of this tutorial you will have the automation scripts to containerise and install Jenkins on your VM.

With auto-installed plugins, automatically skipped Jenkins setup wizard and automatically created admin user.

API testing tools and frameworks

which api testing framework to use

Api development lifecycle

Application development lifecycle defines how we plan, deliver, test and maintain technology products.

As api first pattern is growing in popularity, automated quality assurance becomes one of the key parts of such lifecycle.

Test driven development is a software development practice which describes the pattern of writing tests before implementing software.

This post lists multiple api testing frameworks and tools which can be used for testing the apis. Stand alone or as part of software development lifecycle.

Why use Apigee api bootstrap framework?

apigee api bootstrap framework by popularowl

Apigee api gateway

Api gateway architecture pattern is widely adopted across cloud native technology stacks. We wrote the detailed post describing the pros and cons of this pattern.

Apigee api gateway is widely adopted by enterprises and is one of the most used api management platforms from the list of api gateway products.

While designing and building Apigee powered api centric products and platforms for the last few years, we have developed Apigee api project blueprint framework.

This post describes the philosophy and details behind Apigee bootstrap framework. And why you would benefit using it for your own projects.

Build API mocks with Amokjs

api mocking with nodejs and amokjs


API contract mocking is often used within application development lifecycle where required backend services are not yet available or not yet stable.

This post is about building REST service mocks to decouple application development.

In this tutorial, we will create 2 example API mocks by using open source API mocking framework Amokjs.

One of the mocks will be lightweight Nodejs application and the second one will be Apigee bootstrap based API mock deployable on Apigee Api gateway platform.

Let’s get started.

API integration and mocking. Most popular frameworks

api mocking tools and frameworks

This post summarises the benefits of using backend service mocks during APIs development. It lists the most popular API mocking frameworks and libraries used across the industry. Read the API mocking tutorial for practical steps.

Why we need mocks?

Mocking is part of software development lifecycle in almost every organization.

Why its so common?

In times of continuos deployment and DevOps practices – automation is the key element of modern software development lifecycle.

Automation allows development teams to utilise the array of software tools to significantly increase the productivity and software quality and faster time to market.

However, in order to continuously develop and test applications you have to handle multiple dependencies.

Many times, the dependencies are not under our control. We have no influence how these dependency systems are developed, released or tested.

This is where mocking comes to the rescue.