Build API mocks with Amokjs

api mocking with nodejs and amokjs


API mocking is often used within application development lifecycle.

In this tutorial, we will create 2 example mocks by using one of the API mocking frameworks – Amokjs.

One of the mocks will be lightweight Nodejs application and the second one will be API mock which can be deployed to Apigee Edge platform.

Lets get started.

API integration and mocking

api mocking tools and frameworks

This post summarises the benefits of using backend service mocks during APIs development. It lists the most popular API mocking frameworks and libraries used across the industry. Read the API mocking tutorial for practical steps.

Why we need mocks?

Mocking is part of software development lifecycle in almost every organization.

Why its so common?

In times of continuos deployment and DevOps practices – automation is the key element of modern software development lifecycle.

Automation allows development teams to utilise the array of software tools to significantly increase the productivity and software quality and faster time to market.

However, in order to continuously develop and test applications you have to handle multiple dependencies.

Many times, the dependencies are not under our control. We have no influence how these dependency systems are developed, released or tested.

This is where mocking comes to the rescue.

API gateway evaluation checklist

API gateway checklist

API Gateway pattern

Microservice architecture adoption in enterprise technology stacks is growing every year.

Client applications interacting with many micro services have challenges while maintaining all these integrations.

API gateway architecture pattern allows client applications to only use single contract / interface.

All the necessary orchestration / transformation is performed in API gateway layer.

During recent years, many API gateway products appeared in the horizon.

Provided by some the most experienced players in enterprise technology space.

Evaluation checklist

As API gateway pattern adoption grows, many organisations choose to buy the enterprise software instead of building and maintaining it in house.

I have created the below checklist to help while evaluating API gateway product for your organisation.

Its based on the experience while assisting with API gateway product selection for several our clients.

This checklist covers most common questions and pointers which have to be assessed before making final decision.

Which API Gateway to choose?



Blogroll for technology leaders #1

blogroll for technology leaders

Blogroll posts like this are here to combine the best content from several our newsletters and make it available for web readers of the blog. Enjoy!

What is API first design?

what is api first design?

APIs and API First design

In this post I want to discuss what API first platform design means and why so many organisations are adopting this approach for their technology stack.

Yes, this post is about the value APIs bring and the cost organization has to pay for it.

First, lets take a look at history and why APIs became critical part of technology platforms.