About us

Popularowl is a boutique technology consultancy.
We specialise in helping businesses design and build API platforms. Internal and public API management, API security, API operational excelence are our main focus areas.

We have created API Framework which helps our clients to audit and get API platforms in shape within days. Based on the large amount of knowledge we have acumulated in the cloud industry over the years, this framework saves our clients months of development time and duplicated work.

We have also built and maintain cloud platform specific AWS API Delivery Framewok which is technical API management solution based on leading cloud platform - AWS. This technical implementation allows our clients to get up and running with their internal or public APIs within days. It strictly follows: Open API specification standards, best API security practices, best API monitoring practices and testing.

We would like to chat how can we help you save time and effort within your API and cloud integration projects. Book a free consultation with us.