Google Apigee Developer Training

This training is built for the software engineers, technical leads and technical architects who want to gain the expert knowledge of building API products on top of Google Apigee Edge platform.

advanced google apigee developer training
  • Practical, hands-on advanced Google Apigee Developer training workshops.
  • Instructor led training, 21 hours over 3 days.
  • Workshops delivered by tech leads, with over 6 years of professional Apigee platform experience.
  • API security, performance, custom transformations, code quality assessments.
  • Embedding Apigee development into overall software delivery lifecycle.
  • Practical TDD / BDD implementations.
  • Blueprint implementations on the Apigee platform: OAuth, Keycloak, 3rd party API integrations and others.
  • Workshops can be run on the client site.

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