Popular Continuous Integration Servers

List of popular Continuous Integration servers

Continuous Integration is an integral part of Devops practices and agile application development.

There is a healthy choice of CI tools and SaaS services available for software engineering teams to choose from.

They differ by the technology stack required and licensing model (on premisse versions) or pricing and integration options for SaaS ones.

The goal of this post is to list the most popular and commonly used continuous integration tools and services. And provide short summary about each of them.

Continuous Integration Servers

  • JenkinsCI is the most popular open source continuous integration server out there. It was forked from its parent project Hudson and is now being actively developed under MIT license. This project has very active contributor community with over 5000 stars on public GitHub repository. We created few tutorials about working with Jenkins CI
  • GoCD is an open source continuous delivery server created by ThoughtWorks. Its licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0. Much younger project compared to JenkinsCI it was designed around the concept of the continuous delivery pipeline and visualization.
  • CloudBees is a cloud hosted JenkinsCI platform. It was started by core JenkinsCI contributor Kohsuke Kawaguchi and is aiming to provide enterprise level, hosted CI service.
  • TravisCI is the popular continuous integration solution which is available as SaaS and as on-premise installations for Enterprises. Travis-ci is written in Ruby programming language and application source code is available on GitHub under MIT license.
  • CircleCI is cloud-based SaaS continuous integration platform. It focuses on the build speed and providing advanced integrations to developers. Claims to be 70% faster than other tools and platforms on the market. It offers a free plan with 6000 build minutes per month.
  • Bamboo - continuous delivery SaaS application which is part of wider Atlassian cloud suite (they offer Confluence and Jira tools). It has great integration with all Atlassian products, including Bitbucket ans is strongest within this ecosystem.
  • TeamCity CI solution built by a company which is known for their developer-facing tools JetBrains.
  • Semaphore CI - SaaS continuous integration platform which focuses on the developer productivity and aims to reduce time to market.
  • Codefresh Platform aims to provide automation for all your DevOps processes in one platform. Continuous integration is a key offering.

Add your platform to the list

We are happy to add any new Continuous Integration solutions to this list. If you would like to recommend one - let us know.