Which API gateway to choose?

which api gateway to choose?


In the previous posts we have discussed what role APIs play within the modern technology stack and what is API gateway architecture pattern.

Increasing adoption of API platforms and API first platform design has introduced an array of different API management products.

Multiple vendors have produced great amount of specific documentation and overviews related to their API management platforms. But in the most cases, they concentrate on the single product they produce.

This page maintains the curated list of popular API Management software products.

Its aimed at providing initial guidance to technology leaders, architects and engineering leads who are evaluating API gateway products for their organization tech stacks.

API Gateway Products

The List


Apache APISIX is an open source API gateway.

It focuses on rich traffic management like canary releases, circuit breaking and observability.
Cloud based SaaS and on-premise installation

Open source.

Apache APISIX is maintained in open source repository.

Apache APISIX documentation pages.

Current releases available to download here.
Apigee Edge

Apigee Edge enables API platform delivery, management, and analytics.

Aquired by Google in 2016
Cloud based SaaS and on-premise installation

Closed source.

Apigee maintains open source element of their platform called Micro gateway.
Apigee Edge documentation site.
CA API GatewayAPI Management product built by CA technologies. Aimed at enterprise API management.Cloud based SaaS and on-premise installationClosed source.CA API Management product documentation
IBM API Connect

API management offering from IBM Cloud.

Offers out of the box integration with Cloud Foundry and OpenWhisk.
Cloud based SaaS, managed private cloud or on-premiseClosed source.API Connect documentation

Nginx and OpenResty web framework based product.

RedHat bought 3Scale in 2017.
Cloud based SaaS or on-premiseClosed source with open source componentsRedHat 3Scale documentation
Webmethods GatewayAPI gateway product created by SoftwareAG.Cloud based SaaS or on-premiseClosed source.Not available for public consumption
Anypoint API Manager

Product created by MuleSoft.

Salesforce bought Mulesoft in 2018.
Cloud based SaaS or on-premiseOpen source community edition. Closed source commertial componentsAnypoint API Manager documentation
Tibco MasheryMashery API Management - part of TIBCO Cloud PlatformCloud based SaaS or on-premiseClosed sourceNot available for public consumption
Axway API ManagerPart of Axway AMPLIFY cloud integration platform.Cloud based SaaS or on-premiseClosed sourceNot available for public consumption
Akana API Management SolutionProvided by RogueWave - enterprise software development company. Company offers API management as part of Akana platform.On-premise, Virtual appllianceClosed sourceAkana Documentation Repository
SAP API ManagementPart of SAP Cloud platform.Cloud based SaaS or on-premiseClosed sourceNot available for public consumption
Oracle API ManagerProduct by Oracle and is tightly coupled with Oracle SOA Suite / SOA Cloud Services.Cloud based SaaS or on-premiseClosed sourceOracle API Manager documentation
Amazon API GatewayAmazon API gateway is part of AWS product suite.Cloud basedClosed sourceLarge set of public documentation aimed at developers and architects.
Azure API ManagementAzure API Management is part of Microsoft Azure cloud offering.Cloud based or on-premiseClosed sourceAzure API Management documentation.
Akamai API GatewayAkamai mostly known for their CDN now have API gateway product.Cloud basedClosed sourceAkamai API gateway overview.
Sensedia API Management PlatformSensedia is consultancy who has introduced their own API gateway product.Cloud basedClosed sourceAPI platform overview.
WSO2 API ManagerWSO2 API Manager is an open source enterprise platform for full API lifecycle management.Cloud based and on-premiseOpen source (Ballerina lang)WSO2 API Manager roadmap and docs.
Tyk API GatewayTyk is a new generation, open source API gateway product.Cloud based and on-premiseOpen source (Go lang)Tyk.io docs.
Kong API GatewayKong API Gateway is an open source API gateway based on Nginx and OpenResty.On premiseOpen source (Nginx + Lua)Kong API Gateway documentation. Getting started with Kong tutorials
APIManAPIMan is an open source project maintained by RedHat as rich API management component.On premiseOpen source (Java / JBoss)APIMan documentation.
Fusio API ManagementOpen source API management platform which provides tools to quickly build an API from different data sources.On premiseOpen source (PHP)Fusio documentation.
Express GatewayExpress Gateway is an open source API gateway project using Nodejs runtime and ExpressJS middleware framework.On premiseOpen source (NodeJS)Express Gateway documentation.
Loopback framework

Created by Strongloop its an open source framework for building APIs and integrations

Strongloop were aquired by IBM in 2016.
On premiseOpen source (NodeJS)Loopback framework documentation.

If you would like to recommend a API gateway to be added to the above list - let us know.

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